I have been dying my own materials and tying flies for 25 years, using traditional West of Ireland colours for inspiration, and I use these flies for guiding as well as supplying national teams for competition. Most recently I have guided and tied the winning flies for the Irish team that helped them achieve a gold medal on Lough Melvin in June 2022.

I specialise in traditional fly patterns using unique colours obtained through my own dying process which has been fine tuned over the years. I am Fly Designer for Fulling Mill, and I was previously a Pro tyer for Ahrex hooks. My flies have been featured in two Trout and Salmon magazine articles; Sedge patterns for Trout and Salmon Magazine's August 2019 issue and Mayflies for Trout and Salmon Magazine's May 2019 issue.

I truly love to tye flies that catch fish, and I am always coming up with new patterns over the season with different ideas along the way. Some of my patterns are now commercially tyed through Fulling Mill. All of these are available on the Fulling Mill website or in your local Fishing tackle shop.

Some Flies from over the years

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